I have taught for many years - mainly at the Gnomon School of VFX - on subjects ranging from composition to compositing, texture and lighting, animation and camera work, all the way to finishing - in a variety of formats; standard classes, master classes, online courses and tutorials. I have had the pleasure of instructing and mentoring hundreds of stundents, coming from all over the world to pursue their dreams, just as i once did. Students who are now my colleagues; supervisors, artists, directors, making magic in the biggest houses of film, games, post and advertising.

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Tutorial Descriptions :
Batch 01

∗ Tut_0001 (Buell.mov):
∗ Introduction to After Effects. Interface basics, frame rates, resolution, bit depth, basic keyframing, timline vs node based compositors, aspect ratio etc.

∗ Tut_0002 (Space.mov)
∗ Cont Introduction to After Effects, blending modes, filters, more keyframing, basic masking, adjustement layers

∗ Tut_0003 (Rendering.mov)
∗ Cont Introduction to After Effects, Rendering

∗ Tut_0004 (Warpdrive.mov)
∗ Create s simple stylized warp drive effect.

∗ Tut_0005 (trackMattes.mov)
∗ Continued Introduction. Alpha Channels, track mattes.

∗ Tut_0006 (Keyframes.mov)
∗ In depth look at keyframing in AE.

∗ Tut_0007 (Beelzebub.mov)
∗ Capture animation from your mouse to animate this flies around Beelzebub.

∗ Tut_0008 (Editing.mov)
∗ After Effects editing and shortcuts.

∗ Tut_0009 (Masking_TV.mov)
∗ Basic masking, track mattes and faking reflections.

∗ Tut_0010 (Roto.mov)
∗ Rotoscoping.

Batch 02
• 01_Tracking (TrackingScreen.mov)
∗ Corner point tracking in AE. Adding video to blank monitor. Tracking markers and theory.

• 02_Regressive (regressive.mov)
∗ Real world spoof. Recreate part from progressive commercial.

• 03_Blood (blood.mov)
∗ Real world spoof. Recreate part of Dragon Age commercial.

• 04_StromChasers (stromChasers.mov)
∗ Real world spoof. Recreate part of Storm Chasers opening titles.

• 05_MarsHit (MarsHit.mov)
∗ Create a celestial impact animation complete with monolith from 2001 all in 2d.
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Music Video Post-Production

Ergin will discuss the methods, pipeline, budgeting and client expectation management of 3d and post production. Case studies on three music videos will be covered: Anjulie's "Boom" (MTV Music Award's Best Newcomer Artist Video), Regina Spektor's "Laughing with" and Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams".

The music video industry is not the huge money maker it used to be. One of the reasons they still get done is as a creative outlet and a means to "make a name" for the studios and directors involved. It tends to be a freer environment, especially when young musicians and bands are at play.

Deadlines are tight, budgets are tighter and managing the layers between production houses, directors, musicians, music labels and the post-production house is a risky business. How to actually get the job, what creative input does the post production company have, budgeting of time and money, managing client expectations, pipelines and delivery methods.

Ergin will go over 3 case studies and explain how a 3-5 man studio finished 6 music videos in 2 and a half months. Results are sometimes great and sometimes less than great. Successes and shortcomings will be analyzed in an attempt to share the experiences and what was learned from them.

∗ Tut_0011 (Plane01.mov) (Plane02.mov)
∗ Plane01.mov: Using lightning filter and color correction, create stormy clouds.
∗ Plane02.mov: Composite First Part clouds outside the window of an airplane, add turbulence.

∗ Tracking (tracking1.mov) (tracking2.mov) (1xLife.mov)
∗ (tracking1.mov) Introduction to tracking in AE.
∗ (tracking2.mov) Position, rotation, scale tracking and stabilizing.
∗ (1xLife.mov) Project based tutorial, emphasis on 2d tracking in AE.

∗ Time_Stretch_Remapping (Time_Stretch_Remapping .mov)
∗ Time Remapping in AE.

∗ Shapes (UnderwaterShapes .mov)
∗ Project based tutorial. Shapes and animating them, echo, distortions.

∗ RenderPasses (simpleSphere .mov)(jeep .mov)
∗ (simpleSphere .mov) Basic compositing of 3d rendered passes in AE. Basic 3d lighting theory. Compositing separate lights and separate material properties.
∗ (jeep .mov) Real world project. Compositing 3d rendered passes in AE.Using RGB mattes. Ambient Occlusion and Color Correction.

∗ 3d (horsehead.mov)(whiskey .mov)(rammstein .mov)
∗ (horsehead .mov) Introduction to 3d in AE.Cameras, Lights, material properties, animation.
∗ (whiskey .mov) Continuation to 3d in AE. Camera depth of field, animation, 3d layers.
∗ (rammstein .mov) Turning a still image into 3d.

• 06_Planets (planets.mov)
∗ Create a space environment completely in 2d.

• 07_Equalizert (equalizer.mov)
∗ Use sound to drive an AE animation. Several Examples.

• 08_Keying (keying01.mov)(keying02.mov)(keying03.mov)
∗ 3 part tutorial. In depth discussion of keying in AE.Green, blue screen examples and theory.

• 09_Giant (shot01.mov)(shot02.mov)(shot03.mov)
∗ 3 part tutorial. Project based. Create giant characters walking through NY City.