Infiniti Eau Rouge "Beast Within"

Infiniti Eau Rouge | The Beast Within

Infiniti Eau Rouge | The Beast Within

Role: Creative direction, concept & content development, branded entertainment, live action direction, vfx supervision, design direction, post supervision, activation strategy, digital media, stage design, art direction and on-site supervision

Infiniti needed an anthem film centered around its Eau Rouge concept car to showcase how in fact this amazing prototype is available today, albeit in a slightly less exotic form, in its Q50 line of cars.

To show the Infiniti Q50s possesses the inner beast of their Infiniti Eau Rouge luxury model, an anthem film was conceptualized that paid homage to the classic werewolf story of light vs dark - a treatment that had the Q50s transform into the Eau Rouge model under the spell of the full moon. 

The Eau Rouge is a prototype car so an Infiniti Q50 was used instead as a mule vehicle and a CG Eau Rouge was bolted on top.