Dodge Viper | Docufeature

Have you ever talked to a 9 year old boy about what his dream car would be? What poster he might have on his wall? 

Experiment: Line up a few supercars: Viper, Ferrari, Lamborghini and release a group of 4th graders, see where they flock. The Viper is what real-world Batman drives.

The Dodge Viper is an icon of American design and engineering. It is what kids dream they will own when they grow up and when they see it at the dealership, holding dad’s hand. It was like this yesterday, it is like this today and it will be so in the future. It is identified with rugged men that do not mess around, that like exclusivity the American way.
The story of the Viper itself from the prototype in 1989 to today is one filled with myth and epos. The struggles of a fistful of engineers with a dream.