Dodge Demon

Dodge Demon | Anthem

Dodge Demon | Anthem

It all started with the idea of bringing to life the Hellcat logo, designing the metaphorical creature that the Charger is. Dodge wanted it to run the streets, literally tearing up the competition; throwing Audis and Bmws' torn husks at the walls. This ended up being tamed a bit by the iron hand of the legal department but the push towards raw and unapologetic was the theme behind all Dodge work. This then took a life of its own in a series of videos, anthem pieces, print, holograms, VR and documentaries.

Some of this work and more made MindoverEye FCA’s agency of record and opened the door to a flux of work for Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep and of course the continuing relation with Dodge.

Concept: the new Dodge Demon runs a quarter mile drag race with the finish line being in front of the iconic Detroit GM building, unabashedly bringing the challenge to the doorstep of the competition.

Backstory: GM is slated to release their new Camaro. Dodge has a comeback ready and it doesn’t want to knock on the door to issue the challenge. It wants to break the door.

Series of films, exploring the features of the car as it runs a drag race to the entrance of the GM building. These were sequentially released to build anticipation. The final film being the anthem for the launch of the car.

Update: Dodge Demon campaign now live.