Blog post 02

The premise: Using the TEN network’s 18 million followers; what would happen if their content was suddenly hijacked by the British Villain?
Through subversive cues integrated into TEN social channels the Jaguar Villain forces his way into editorial and fan conversations, driving awareness. Example: Motor Trend creates a Porsche 911 post and asks, “Is this America’s best sports car?”. Within the 911 image, a British flag with sopy states: “It’s a very good car. That is, if you’re ok with just being good. #GoodToBeBad. 

The progression of the takeover became more intense and overt during the span of the day as the Jaguar Villain began to post his own messaging, culminating with a series of custom videos embedded in his posts.

This series of custom videos depicted a “day in the life” of the British Villain tol