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Jaguar | Villain

Following Jaguar’s successful “British Villains” Supwer Bowl spot, that whole campaign took flight - Why are most villains in movies British? 

Spark44 came back again with an ask to broaden the scope of the British Villain identity to a series of films that through social media disruption would extend the reach of the campaign. Under the banner of “#GoodToBeBad” an integrated, disruptive strategy was devised to orchestrate social stunts on mass scale, leading the audiences to engage with the Jaguar F-Type creative platform.

The premise: Using the TEN network’s 18 million followers; what would happen if their content was suddenly hijacked by the British Villain?
Through subversive cues integrated into TEN social channels the Jaguar Villain forces his way into editorial and fan conversations, driving awareness. Example: Motor Trend creates a Porsche 911 post and asks, “Is this America’s best sports car?”. Within the 911 image, a British flag with sopy states: “It’s a very good car. That is, if you’re ok with just being good. #GoodToBeBad. 

The progression of the takeover became more intense and overt during the span of the day as the Jaguar Villain began to post his own messaging, culminating with a series of custom videos embedded in his posts.

This series of custom videos depicted a “day in the life” of the British Villain told in a highly stylized and dramatic way, as if the Villain himself was the producer.

The first spot was unique in that it took launch from an online forum discussion. A topic existed where fans of the brand were trying their hand at writing a spot. We took one of the ideas and made it reality. The premise is simplistic but the connection to the fan base that resulted from Jaguar actually producing a spot based on an obscure post in a forum was well worth it.

This spot was then connected with the rest of the Villain films in chronological order. Here is a featurette montage of all the individual films strung together.